Medianet Web Browser Problem Questionnaire

Please print out and fill in the below form when reporting browser problems with using the Medianet Web modules.

Please provide details of the problem: ie
  • What screen was being displayed?
    (e.g. on full display of title "Cat in Hat" retrieved by clicking on titles returned by a search on "Cat")

  • What was the last button clicked?
    (e.g. after clicking Pick)

  • Where was this in the session?
    (e.g. this occurs only when I click pick on title ####)

  • What happened?
    (e.g. waited 2 minutes and nothing happened but could click on links and got immediate response)

Text of any error msg that appears

Is the problem repeatable? (ie. does it happen every time you do the same sequence of events)?

Have similar problems occurred with any other web site you have visited?

  • Type: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari

  • Version (on a PC, click Help and then click About )

  • Are you using a proxy server?
    (e.g. yes, no, don't know)

  • Type:
    (e.g. MAC, Intel, AMD)

  • Model:
    (e.g. Core 2 duo, Quad, i5, i7, Phenom. Athlon)

  • Memory:
    (e.g. 2 GB, 4 GB, etc)

Operating system:
(e.g. Win XP, Win 7, OS X, OS X Snow Leopard)

Press the back arrow on your web browser's menu bar to return to the previous page.

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