HELP: Medianet Web New Features

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Great improvements continue to be made:

New for Medianet V9.4:

  • New Filter for the Booking Display

    The filter called Bookings on-site has been expanded to offer more ways to filter your booking display.

    • For - bookings will be displayed that have the specified date somewhere in the use period (i.e. between the first and last use date).
    • After - bookings will be display that have a first use date more recent than the date specified.
    • Starting on - bookings will be display that have the specified date as the first use date.

New for Medianet V9.3m:

  • Title display page

    The expanded title display has been improved.

    • The title thumbnail image is now located at the top left of the page and all title information up to the Synopsis is indented.
    • The Resource area of the page is also indented so the whole page is now nicely aligned.

  • Next avail display - Alternate Available Dates

    The display of Next avail: dates on the order form is now easier to understand because the year in included if either date is not in the current year (e.g. Next avail: 13-Dec-17 -- 28-Feb-18).

New for Medianet V9.3:

  • Modify an order to make the show length shorter

    You can now use Update>Order>Extend/Renew to shorten a booking by selecting a New Return date that is less than the current return date.

New for Medianet V9.2m:

  • Medianet Web more mobile-friendly!

    It is now much easier to use Medianet Client web from small screen devices (e.g. cell phones & tablets). Give it a try!

  • [Avail] button on search results page

    The [Avail] button will only be included in the short title display if there is bookable inventory. Previously the button displayed but when used, showed no inventory.

New for Medianet V9.2:

  • Expanded Search: Format and Audience Level filters

    On the expanded serach page (Format and Audience Level filters are expanded for multiple choices), be aware that these filters are optional. The label for each has been improved to make this clearer.

New for Medianet V9.1m:

  • Share title links from the web:

    When you are looking at a title display, you can now copy the URL you see in your browser's address bar and share that with friends by including it in an email or other document. The URL displayed is persistent and will always take the user to the correct title.

  • Subject Search link at the top of the search results page:

    The subject search link which is automatically displayed at the top of the search results page has been improved:

    • The wildcard character (*) is added to each term of the search text so that the subsequent subject search will be much broader; e.g. catalog search text of America will display as subject search text of America* and will match on subject terms of: America, American, Americans, etc.
    • The subject search link will now only be included on the search results page if there will be subjects find using that text; otherwise no link is included. This saves you time by only displaying useful subject search links.

New for Medianet V9.1:

  • Auto-include series member titles in your search results:

    Search results now contain one-click buttons [Show Titles in this Series] beside each series header returned.

    Clicking this button adds the series members to the current search results so they can be easily added to the order form. Click [Hide Titles in this Series] to collapse the display.

  • Display bookings for All of your accounts:

    If you see multiple Medianet accounts when logging in, you will see a new radio button on the Display-Bookings page called All my accounts.

    Click this radio button and [Search] and you will see all of your bookings for all of your Medianet accounts.

    You can also Cancel or Extend bookings from any of your accounts at once.

  • Longer LDAP password entry box:

    If you log into the Medianet web using your LDAP (i.e. standard network) username and password: passwords of up to 30 characters are now supported (up from 16).

  • Chrome browser anomaly resolved:

    Support has been added for the Chrome browser so that checkboxes on the search page now persist if the user leaves the page, then returns via backarrow.

  • Curio CBC initial registration:

    For sites that are integrated with Curio CBC digital content, as you click the link to view content, you will be required to do a 1-time simple registration. This will then allow you to take advantage of all Curio CBC web site features.

New for Medianet V8.9:

  • Repeat your search as a Subject Search

    Several releases ago, a subject search link was added to the search results page that allowed you to re-use your search text to do a subject search. This link appears at the top of the search results page and is now bolded so it will stand out to you as a reminder of this helpful feature

  • Booking Display

    The format of the booking display has been changed to improve readability. Column headers are now shaded and the spacing of the information in the table has been improved.

New for Medianet V8.8m:

  • My List -- Pick your Favorite Titles to the Order Form

    You will notice the Add to order form button is available for use from within your My List display.

    Use the pick button to add your favorite titles to the order form so you can book them.

  • Immediately Re-book items you Cancel

    There is a new feature on the Order/Bookings-Cancel page. It is the Re-book cancelled items checkbox.

    If you check the box, then each item you cancel will automatically be brought to the order form for immediate re-booking.

    Very handy if you need to change the receive/use date on one or more of your orders; re-booking will re-calculate all dates.

New for Medianet V8.8:

  • New Look and Feel to Web Pages

    Depending upon the level of site-customization in place, this Medianet Web site will have a new look which will include new colors, fonts, buttons, etc.

  • My List -- Build Your Own List of Favorite Titles

    Keep a peraonal list of titles for future ordering/reference. Use the new My List button on the full title display to add this title to you list.

    • Add a comment
    • Set a priority
    • Create/add categories

    Access your My List anytime using the tab or link in the bottom button bar.

    • Click the title and go the full title display to order
    • Sort your titles by any column...just click the column header
    • Click Edit to change your comments, category or priority
    • Cliek Remove to drop a title from your My List

  • Play Digital Videos in the Embedded Window or Launch the Player

    For digital video, you can choose to play in the embedded window on the screen or you can click the Launch Player radio button and that will use the player appropriate for the video being streamed.

  • Images Available in a Slide Show

    You may notice a new slide show of images for a title. Click the arrows to scroll through these images. Click any of the thumbnails to see the full image.

Medianet V8.7m:

  • Web Order Form:

    The Showdate and Endshow column headers on the order form have been changed to You Receive and Return.

    Likewise, similar column headers in other displays have also changed:

    • Show time and Endshow time are now Receive time and Return time
    • on Booking display pages, Show and End are now You Receive and Return
    • on the Order Extend/Renew page, New Endshow is now New Return

  • Search page improvements: Finding Images as Resources

    The multi-media drop down menu on the web search page now distinguishes between an Image linked to a title as a resource (e.g. a picture of Kit contents or of Equipment) vs an image auto-displayed as part of the title synopsis (e.g. picture of DVD case or Book cover). Selecting Image from the drop down will find titles with a resource linked. The automatically displayed images are categorized as Image(auto-shown) in the drop down.

    The multi-media drop down menu is now sorted alphabetically so finding the desired multi-media filter is easier.

  • Search page improvements: Display of multiple Formats and Audience Levels

    When the button is used from the search page, the formats and audience levels are now displayed in a more efficient 3 column layout (previously it was 2 columns).

  • Titles with Image resources

    The full display of a title that has an image as a resource (e.g. a picture of Kit contents or of Equipment) the icon has been replaced by a thumbnail of the full image.

Medianet V8.7:

  • Improved speed for web catalog searching

    Many searches now display results up to 90% faster than before.

  • Improved accuracy for web catalog searching

    Searching by Keyword is now more accurate as all automatic filtering has been removed. Previously any 1 or 2 character search text was dropped and so were a collection of noise words (e.g. and, was, etc.). Now with the much improved speed of web catalog searching, this filtering is no longer necessary so all search text is included.

  • Improved searching for Learn360 digital content

    You can now find Learn360 digital content more easily in Medianet as you can now search by series name.

    You may also notice the new More terms displayed for Learn360 titles. These search terms will help you find Learn360 content in the Medianet web catalog.

  • New chapter titles for DE streaming content

    You can now search for and display chapters of streaming video titles. These chapters will be live links from the full video display page.

    Subject searching is possible for DE streaming content.

  • Simpler booking display for Cancel and Extend/Renew

    The bookings displayed for Cancel and Extend/Renew actions will no longer be cluttered with orders associated with the Routing System which is used for journal subscriptions, rotating boxes of classroom books, etc.

    If you wish to cancel your participation in the routing system, please use the signup page to un-subscribe.

    If you wish to keep an item from this routing system longer, please contact staff to make that request.

Medianet V8.6M:

  • Subject browse from search results page

    The text you use for a web catalog search is now displayed as a new link to do a Subject Browse.

    The new link appears at the top of the search results page as part of the hint:
    (hint: search may be revised at bottom of page or do subject search on: math):

    The new link will do a subject browse using the same text and from there you can follow subject links or related term links (i.e. See and See also terms) to their titles.

  • Re-book option

    Once you have cancelled an order, the Re-Book option is available on the cancellation confirmation page. This makes it much easier to cancel and immediately re-book an order.

  • Learn360 content

    If your media library is licensed for Learn360 access, note that language is now available as a filter on the search page and will also be a part of the full title display.

  • Login page

    The Forgot your password is now more prominent on the login page to encourage its use as you'll receive immediate help logging into the web. A new account should only ever be requested is you don't already have one.

  • Internet Explorer 8

    The issue of IE8 not properly displaying the full title page has been resolved. The expanded title display page will display properly using this browser. It was only IE8 that had this issue.

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